"Lost Back End Crew" and 136 others honored Memorial Day, 2017

Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park honors the memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in the service and defense of the United States of America. In demonstrating by example the sacrifice that love and duty sometimes require of a free people they have placed themselves eternally in the grateful memory of all Americans. Veterans Memorial Park exists as a place of repose and veneration for the spirits of the slain, to be kept forever free of discord and contention.
"Memorial Day is a special time for this ceremony. It lets us remember all of our shipmates, especially the ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice, such as the Lost Back End Crew. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to represent VQ-2 at both ceremonies to remember our fallen comrades.  They may have been lost, but will never be forgotten"
CAPT Mark G. Stockfish (Final C.O. VQ-2 )

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Ens. Jacob Kotlarski, NAS Pensacola PAO, Stephanie Loper

Lorraine Jones (Taz) and Doris Pemberton sneak a peek at the added names

Mike Fitzgerald (friend of and representing Al Linzy), LCDR (Ret.) Colin "Pem" Pemberton

Stephanie, "Pem," Taz, Doris

Capt. Stockfish, Stephanie

Doris Pemberton, Stephanie Loper, LCDR (Ret.) Colin "Pem" Pemberton, Lorraine "Taz" Jones, Joseph D. "Jay" Aubin
Neither overcast skies nor a few raindrops, which caused a few umbrellas to open briefly, dampened the spirit of this event. The inclement weather even provided a moment of laughter when, as Butch Henson concluded his remarks with a hope that the rain would hold off, he was answered with a clap of thunder so perfectly timed it was if it had been planned.
Speaking as a relative of one of the 140 whose names were added to Wall South this year, and as a son of one of the Lost Back End Crew members, I personally felt as if this unveiling was more appropriate, more personal, and, as Stephanie Loper put it, "more meaningful" even than the unveiling on the D.C. Vietnam Wall. There was no unnecessary delay in the heat waiting for someone, no celebration of the War's entry, no politicians' babble to listen to, just a meaningful unveiling and presentation of 140 heroes to be honored for their selfless sacrifice for our country.

Our thanks go out to the board and members of the Pensacola Veterans' Memorial Park, and to the community of Pensacola, Fl.


Through the generations...
(We hope you notice more than only those in the foreground)


"Eternal Vigilance is the Price Of Freedom"